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Multi-Family Mission 2022

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What You'll Discover
How to find Multi-Family deals in an inventory short market 
How to start raising private capital (even if you NEVER have before)
Why Multi-Family is WAY better than flipping or wholesaling
Why this is the best time EVER to buy Multi-Family real estate
​Why the ultra-wealthy own loads of real estate (and why you should too)
​How to get Multi-Family deals without ANY of your own money
The Proven Method To Replace Your Income With Multi-Family Real Estate 
In as little as 71 Days
Learn my step-by-step method to find multi-family deals, even in an inventory short market.

About Mike Fritz

Mike Fritz is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, best-selling author, international speaker, coach, CEO & Founding Member of Titanium Capital Investments, and founder of Power Up Real Estate, a platform that helps people start in real estate investing, create financial freedom and enjoy the life they designed for themselves.
Mike started investing in real estate 21 years ago when he built his first multi-family property. Since then, Mike and his wife, LeAnn, have amassed millions of dollars in personal real estate. After raising millions of dollars in private capital for multi-family real estate, Mike decided to start sharing his secrets to help others achieve financial freedom and center his business around the amount of value he could add to his clients and partners.

Kris Haskins

Tim Ried

Mike Wolf

Cal Ewing

"Mike and his wife leann's hearts are wide open and so real and it's the reason we consider you two to be our best friends for years and years since we first met and i am very grateful to have you in our life and i am looking forward to the deals we are doing together and going to be doing"


"Mike has absolutely delivered on every word that he has said, so i did everything he said... thanks for changing my life for the better! mike is a person of great integrity."

"Going to stuff like this (challenge) is when it became real to me. all I have to do is do what these people are saying and get rid of some of the skepticism and it's real. you really can buy a multi family house with no money. you really can be broke, with bad credit, in your parent's basement and have like 40 houses."

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